Handcrafted Tradition You Can Taste

All of our recipes are original Cheilita Chamoy’s creations, formulated to have the perfect balance of sweet and tangy to complement any beverage. Our chamoys are handcrafted in small batches and prepared daily to ensure the highest quality and flavors. Made from natural fruits and traditional Mexican ingredients, each batch is slow cooked to the perfect chamoy consistency and packaged in convenient 8 oz. containers, or our new 4 oz. Grab & Go bottles. Chamoy is perfect enjoyed on the rim of your favorite beverage, over fresh fruit cocktails (as popular in Mexico), on our collection of gummies or candy rings… or use as you would any other condiment- this is a versatile sauce that can be used in any dish or drink imaginable! 

meet the founder


It All Starts with Tradition and Quality Ingredients

Here at Cheilitas, we make every batch of Cheilitas Chamoy with love as if we are making it for family, and we want to transmit the same good vibes that we do when we show up with Cheilitas Chamoy to any function. We want you to enjoy our chamoy with your friends and family because we value making memories with our loved ones while enjoying every moment of it. Cheilitas Chamoy is dedicated to excellence; whether it is our commitment to customer service, using only the freshest top-quality ingredients available, or making the best tasting chamoy that you can share with your loved ones. The versatility of our chamoy is limitless, enjoy responsibly.

meet the founder


Shela Urieta
CEO - Cheilitas Chamoy

As a young girl, Shela Melisa Urieta (Cheilita) was blanketed in the love and tradition of her Mexican-born parents but was not shielded from the hardships of life. At 11, when Shela's father was sent to prison, her childhood was upended, and she became filled with the uncertainty of being raised by a single mother with four children.

However, watching her mother move them from place to place and work up to three jobs to provide taught Shela the power of hard work, resourcefulness and lit the flames of entrepreneurship in her. After becoming a young mother, Shela's desire to control her destiny and income was even more resolute. During a time when she was faced with more hardships and tragedy, Shela took the opportunity to start her own company.

Drawing on inspiration found throughout the years at the michelada stands while visiting her grandmother in Mexico. Shela loved the festiveness, flavors, and traditions of going to drink "las micheladas" with her friends and family. Her favorite part of the beverage was the rim of flavor (chamoy) used on many of the drinks. Chamoy is made from fresh fruits and traditional ingredients, reduced to a thick, sticky consistency, and then added to the rim of a beverage to add a flavor punch. The tanginess from the chamoy makes every drink, alcoholic, or not a lot more enjoyable and is a well-honored tradition throughout Mexico.

In 2017, Shela started making her own chamoy and introduced those around her to an entirely new drinking experience. By 2019 she wanted to expand this delicacy to others. Immediately, she knew she was onto something when friends and family began requesting orders and her social media following blew up. Shela recruited her mother, who had years of food industry experience, to help, and Cheilitas Chamoy was born. Shela and her mother perfected their family recipes for large scale production and soon the orders came pouring in. Today Cheilitas Chamoy operations include full-scale production and warehouse operations and is proud to be one of the largest consumer packaged product distributors of this increasingly popular Chamoy Rim Dip and sauce across the U.S.