Strawberry Chamoy Orange Sherbet

Strawberry Chamoy Orange Sherbet

We love chamoy as a rim dip for beverages, but did you know it is also fantastic in all kinds of recipes? If you're looking for a new condiment to bring life to your favorite foods, give chamoy a try in some of your favorite recipes.

Chamoy works great in savory dishes such as tacos and carnitas, but it's also an incredible sweetener that lends itself well to desserts and baked goods.

We love the salty-sour tang that our Strawberry Chamoy adds to this easy Strawberry Orange Sherbet recipe.


Strawberry Orange Sherbet


  • Two scoops of orange sherbert
  • Large spoon of strawberry chamoy from Chelitas chamoy
  • Mixed berries
  • Chamoy gummy bears from Chelilitas Chamoy


  1. Trim the rim of a large glass with strawberry chamoy
  2. Scoop one scoop of orange sherbert into the glass
  3. Add a couple of generous spoonfuls of Strawberry Chamoy
  4. Add another scoop of orange sherbert and top with 2-3 spoonfuls of Strawberry Chamoy.
  5. Top with a few berries and Chamoy Gummies 
  6. Serve!

We know you will love this creative twist on traditional orange sherbert!


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